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FAQ for job seekers

Why Recruitzy?

We run job adverts for recruitment companies who are experts at finding job seekers' work. So when you apply for one job, you will likely get advice on other jobs they have, and recruiters will have advanced ways of getting you in front of the key decision-makers at employers. 

Working with recruiters is so much better than hoping your CV finds the right person when you apply for jobs directly with employers and their faceless career portals or hiring departments.

Do I have to pay?
No, our service is free to job seekers and if any recruitment agency asks you to pay a fee for anything please report this to us.
Where is my data kept?

The data we keep on job seekers is limited to their email if they use a job alert feature, and our job alert feature clears your data from our site when you cancel the job alert and/or it expires. The data in the job application you make is sent directly to the recruitment agency, and not stored by Recruitzy.

Regarding that data, our tech vendor is based in the UK, and the server we store data on is in Germany with an award-winning and GDPR-compliant server co-location company Hetzner.

Is my data safe?

Yes, we keep very limited data as we have described in where is my data kept, and we do not sell data to any third party or share your data with any third party.

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