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Why use Recruitzy?
There are 4000+ job board inthe UK and at least 10 huge multi-sector sites so why one more? Well our founding member been in recruitment since 1993, when job boards did not exist; as the job board revolution started, recruiters began to transition their paper advertising to job boards as the use of the internet picked up the pace. 

Initially, this relationship worked well for recruiters. However, over time this relationship has become less beneficial to recruiters and, in some cases, downright damaging for recruiters as the job board chase after the same clients as the recruiters and offering employers adverts that would negate the need for recruiter's fees.

In 2022 job boards made an aggressive move on their recruitment clients by moving the financial goal post with up to 400% increases in the cost for recruiters to advertise their jobs.

Many Job Boards think that they have reached the point they can hold recruiters to any price they want. So they are and will continue to hold recruiters to ransom for prices.

Recruitzy believes it is time to redress that balance and has created a multi-sector job board only recruiters can use. To be a user of the board, you need to be a recruitment company as we are a membership of recruitment companies with our own job board. This membership has a fixed price to start with of £300 per recruitment company that becomes a member, which gives them unlimited job posts for all their recruiters.

Jobs will get onto the site by manual job posting or using Broadbean, Idibu, LogicMelon and Wave type tools. As we roll out more phases of Recruitzy other ways to send jobs to the site will be offered. For example, ATS/CRM vendors such as Firefish and Jobadder have also been asked.

As the membership grows, we will ammas a war chest of membership fees to grow Recruitzy to a top-performing job board. Future price increases for the service will then be put to the membership to vote on but will be based on the need to cover the costs of marketing and maintaining the board, not shareholder dividends or to make the venture saleable. Recruitzy is not for sale; it is for its members.

So at this time, recruiters need to understand three things about Recruitzy.

1 Recruitzy is not a commercial venture like the other job boards, so it does not/will not need to RANSOM its membership to keep its board/shareholders happy.

2 Recruitzy is here to protect recruiters online.

3 Its members need to think short-term, mid-term and long-term. Short term (join now), we have a low-cost membership to get traction. Mid-term (12-24 months) recruiters must be patient with the growth. Long-term (24-36 months) recruiters will have a top-performing job board they know protects them.

So that's Recruitzy. Join if you want to protect recruiter's interest online. Don't join if you don't want to protect recruiter's interest online:).
What does Recruitzy Cost

Early adoption members are doing the hard yards for the recruitment industry, so early adopters will lock in a membership fee for life that benefits the early adoption of Recruitzy.

  • The first 250 members will pay £300 per year for the life of their membership.
  • After that, new members will pay £480 per year for the life of their membership.

In addition, the membership will vote on future price increases for membership. The Recruitzy management team will submit a business case to its members with a business plan of why it is needed and how it will be spent. Members then vote if that is the direction they want Recruitzy to take.

Approved membership fees will be applied to your member's lock-in rate, so if we ask the membership to vote on a 5% per year increase to be spent on a new SEO strategy, the £300 member will then pay £315 and so on if approved by the membership.

Members who cancel their membership can come back to Recruitzy any time, but they will pay the membership rate based on where they re-enter the membership.

VAT will be added to all prices listed here.

How will Recruitzy Compete?
Job boards live and die by the number of jobs they have and how frequently those jobs are renewed, so job seekers are kept interested. So if recruiters give Recruitzy its jobs, then Recruitzy will gain the traction the site needs in Google, Google for Jobs, and other job aggregators where job seekers are looking for work.

We have a few other tricks up our sleeve we won't publish here for obvious reasons, but let's just say the only reason the job boards you gave your jobs to now can ransom the recruitment industry with ridiculous prices is that you gave them your jobs...

It won't be easy, and it will take time, but that is why the membership fee is set low, so the industry can build the site at a rate that won't break the bank.

Build it, and job seekers will come!

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